Metalwork/Goldwork SIG Links


From the Golden Hinde (also good for supplies):

Supplies from the Golden Hinde (Sarah Rakestraw):

From Sarah Homfrey:

Tanya Berlin is also a good source for metal threads (taking intermittent orders):

Garibaldi's Needleworks

Stitching Shop (near Denver) - call

Needle in a Haystack


RSN Goldwork Techniques, Projects, and Pure Inspiration by Emi Nimura (ISBN #978-1782217039)

Goldwork by Helen McCook (ISBN #97-81844487028)

A-Z of Goldwork and Silk Embroidery by Anna Scott (ISBN #978-0977547647)

The Goldwork Masterclass by Alison Cole (ISBN #978-0994392329)

Goldwork Embroidery by Lizzie Pye (ISBN #978-1785006470)

The Goldwork Masterclass: Adventures in Metal Thread Embroidery by Alison Cole (ISBN #978-0994392329)

Goldwork: Techniques, Projects, and Pure Inspiration by Hazel Everett (ISBN #978-1844486267)

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