2023 Programs

EGA Dayton Chapter Programs 2023

Wednesday Group Programs

(2nd Wednesdays--except September 2023, meeting begins at 10 AM in Room 114, with programs around 11:00 AM-ish or as noted)

All Times are Eastern Time:  


Stitching SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

Goldwork/Metal Work SIG: We started with some Becky Hogg goldwork kits (https://beckyhogg.com/shop-home/), but have branched out!

July - December, 2023 - GCC: English Summer with Cheryl Sharp (surface) - registration is now closed

January - July 2023: Fundraiser piloting on Chottie Alderson's Wrought by Me and Sheep Breed Chart

2023 GLR Lectures

January 28: Ellen Phelps - The Journey from Seed to Cloth

March 19: Jacqui Carey - Sweet Bags: Investigating 16th & 17th Century Needlework

May 7: Michele Carragher - The Embroidered Narrative – Hand Embroidery on Costumes for Film and TV

July 23: Susan Kay-Williams - Colour Explosions: The Development of Colour in the 19th Century

October 8: Sheila Iskin - All About Reticella

October 29: Judith Tyner - Stitching the World

For EGA's Virtual Lecture Series: https://egausa.org/virtual-lecture-series/