Our History

The following was taken from a 10th Anniversary booklet that was given to all current members on the occasion of our 10th Anniversary:

The Dayton Chapter of The Embroiderers' Guild of America will be ten years old on December 13, 1985.

On that day in 1975, fifteen women met at Marjorie DeArmon's home for the first meeting of the Dayton Chapter. Present were:

    Marjorie DeArmon Connie DeArmon Jane Balzuweit Kay Rush

Ruby Ladman Marge Gilbert Rita Molnar Juanata Kirchner

Judith Boepple June DeBenardi Fay Martin Iola Vocke

Judy DeNardo Terry Ryan Cheryl Bean

The creation of the Chapter was conceived in the mind of Marge DeArmon. For some years prior she and her daughter Connie had become absorbed in the Needle Arts. They studied all the Needle Arts books in the Public Library. When they had exhausted this source of information it became imperative to Marge to meet those authors and to take instructions directly from these teachers. It was about this time Marge learned of the Embroiderers' Guild of America. It was not long before a group of interested stitchers got together.

From that day in December 1975, interest grew, attracting many others. Meetings were held monthly in Marge's home, until, literally, there was no more room in the house for another person to attend.

Then early in 1977, several meetings were held in the meeting room of the Town & Country Furniture Store. In April 1977, the Guild began meeting in St. John's Lutheran Church in Vandalia. In January 1980, meetings were held in the Wegerzyn Garden Center. Then in January 1981, the Guild began meeting in the Community United Methodist Church, where we meet today.

In these ten years we have grown and prospered under the leadership of seven Presidents: 

Marjorie DeArmon Rita Molnar Cheryl Licata

Susan Goodman Charlotte Miller Mabel Johnson                       

Marilyn Scribner

Written by Scotty Sittner